1. Andy Bell
    London, UK
  2. Martin Carr
    Cardiff, UK
  3. bdrmm
    Hull, UK
  4. Mildred Maude
    Falmouth, UK
  5. Cheval Sombre
    New York, New York
    London, UK
  7. Horsegirl
    Chicago, Illinois
  8. Lorelle Meets The Obsolete
    B.C., Mexico
  9. Pye Corner Audio
  10. Moon Diagrams
    Brooklyn, New York
  11. MOLLY
    Innsbruck, Austria
  12. Mark Peters
    Wigan, UK
  13. Sobrenadar
    Buenos Aires, Argentina
  14. Echo Ladies
    Malmö, Sweden
  15. Spectres
    Bristol, UK
  16. Buffalo Postcard
    London, UK
  17. Measured
    Brooklyn, New York
  18. Linda Guilala
  19. The Early Years
    London, UK
  20. XAM Duo
    England, UK
  21. Younghusband
    London, UK
  22. Fairewell
    London, UK
  23. topographies
    San Francisco, California
  24. Dummy
    Los Angeles, California


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